Hourly Worth Calculator

This calculation might take some time, depending on how familiar you are with your expenses (10-30m). Use your bank statements and/or accountancy program for an accurate calculation.

This calculator only accounts for the hourly rate you need to cover your expenses.

STEP 1. Calculate your average monthly business costs

These are the costs that you need to keep your business going. Think about ....

  • Office Rent
  • Computers, furniture, equipment
  • Legal fees and insurances
  • Accountancy & other suppliers
  • Office supplies
  • Travel costs
  • Software
  • Advertising and promotion costs
  • Miscellaneous

Make sure to put in your monthly costs! E.g. if you pay €450 per quarter to your accountant, the monthly cost is €150.

Total business costs

STEP 2. Calculate your average monthly personal private costs

These are the costs you need to make to live a comfortable life. This means luxury trips, weekly massages or savings shouldn't be included. Think about...

  • Your rent/mortgage
  • Your monthly fixed expenses e.g. insurance, your energy bill, internet,...
  • Other monthly expenses e.g. groceries, hobbies,...

Make sure to put in your monthly costs!

Total personal costs

STEP 3. Calculate your billable hours

Also think about sick days, public holidays, ...

*Hours you get paid for. This means admin does not count as a billable hour. TIP: If you included the wages of your team members in your business costs, you have to include their billable hours as well to make sure the calculation is correct.

You will be working:

You have a total of

STEP 4. Profit and taxes

TIP: I always use 50% to be safe (as someone living in Belgium).

STEP 5. Your information

You're almost done! Please fill out your name and email address so we can send the result your way. The result, like this calculator, will be in English, however you can choose your preferred language for further communication below!

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